Newsprint paper


Newsprint paper

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Product Name: Newsprint/Filler Paper/Stuffing Paper/Bag Filling Paper/Shoe Filling Paper/White Paper


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Newsprint is produced from mechanical wood pulp (or other chemical pulps) and contains a high amount of lignin and other impurities, making it unsuitable for long-term storage. Over time, the paper may yellow and become brittle, with poor water resistance and unsuitable for writing. Newsprint, also known as white newsprint, is primarily used for newspapers and books, available in 50g-100g.


  • Bag Filling Paper
  • Shoe Filling Paper
  • Leather Goods, Handbags, Luggage
  • Gift Packaging
  • Printing
  • Hardware Manufacturing
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Ceramics and Craft Packaging

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