Thermal paper roll for printer cash register


Thermal paper roll for printer cash register

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There are four main categories of cash register paper:
1. Double offset paper: The cash register paper processed and produced by ordinary double offset paper is all single-layered, without any coating on the paper, and the cash register paper with words printed on the ribbon is relied on.
2. Thermal paper: the cash register paper processed and produced by thermal paper is all single-layer, the paper surface is coated with a thermal chemical coating, and the paper is printed with color cash register paper by the laser thermal head, which is characterized by no printing consumables, no ribbon, ribbon or ink cartridge; Moreover, the surface of the paper is relatively smooth, and there will be clear marks when you scratch the paper with a fingernail or hard object.
3. Carbonless paper: This kind of cash register paper is at least composed of two or more layers, of which the first one needs to be printed with a dot matrix printer to develop color, but the latter several layers rely on the dot matrix printer to print pressure to develop color.
4. Self-inductive paper: This kind of cash register paper is composed of one or more layers, and the printing pressure is developed by the dot matrix printer, and the printing paper does not need to install a ribbon. The first copy of this kind of cash register paper is called self-sensing paper, and the next few pieces are ordinary carbonless paper.
There are three main types of common cash register paper: thermal paper, ordinary offset paper and carbonless paper
The general specifications of thermal sensitivity are 57x50, 57x60, 57×80, 80x50, 80x60, 80*70, 80x80, etc
The common specifications of ordinary double-offset paper are 44x40, 44*50, 57x60, 70x60, 75x60, 75x80, etc
The common specifications of carbonless cash register paper are:
57x50 double-layer, 57x60 double-layer, 75x60 double-layer, 75x60 three-layer, 241x100 double-layer, 241x100 three-layer, etc

Suitable for: bank queuing machines, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores and other zero-batch food and entertainment industries.
In addition, it can be customized according to customer specifications, core tubes, and gram weights. The end face is smooth, hairless, and the color is good. Exported to countries all over the world.
57 series
75 series
80 series
Core: paper tube/white plastic tube/black plastic tube
Weight: 50g/55g/58g/60g/65g
It can also be printed with various patterns and colors on the front or back according to customer requirements, which will bring you better advertising effect.

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