Self-Adhesive Label Paper/ Cast Coated Sticker Paper


Self-Adhesive Label Paper/ Cast Coated Sticker Paper

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Product Name: Self-Adhesive Label Paper/ Cast Coated Sticker Paper

Product Description:

Self-adhesive label paper, also known as adhesive sticker paper, is paper with an adhesive layer applied to one side, commonly used for making labels and stickers. The back of the self-adhesive label paper is covered with an easy-to-peel backing paper, allowing for easy application on various surfaces. It is suitable for multiple printing processes and achieves high-quality printing results.


· High-Quality Material: Made from high-quality paper and adhesive, ensuring excellent adhesion and printing quality.

· Easy Peel: Designed with a backing paper that facilitates easy application and removal of labels.

· Versatility: Used for product packaging, barcode labels, food labels, electronic product labels, and more.

· Customizable Options: Available in different backing paper materials and adhesive strengths to meet various application needs.


· Product Packaging: Ideal for branding and information labels on various products.

· Barcode Labels: Used for inventory management and product tracking in stores.

· Food Labels: Ensures food safety and quality traceability.

· Electronic Product Labels: Provides product model numbers and usage instructions.


We have advanced self-adhesive label paper production equipment and printing technology to provide customized solutions according to customer requirements.

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